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Mr. Purple | Online Smoke Shop | Online Headshop USA

Mr. Purple is an innovative online smoke shop / online headshop focused on giving our customers the best smoking experience. We serve a wide range of users, from newbies to those advanced smokers looking for the best quality products like dab rigs, bongs, glass water pipes, electric e-nail dab kits, RAW pre-rolled rolling classic cones, herb and weed grinders, cigarette rollers, automatic/electric cigarette rolling machines, and much more accessories.

Glass Dab Rigs & Glass Water Pipes/Bongs

Dab rigs are now some of the most popular smoking devices. When you use a dab rig or water bong not only do you get a smooth airflow sensation but the freshness that bubbling gives plus the highest-level filter for you to have the best smoking experience. See Glass Gravity Bongs and Purple Bongs / Hookahs.

Electric Enail Dab Kits or E-Nails

E-Nail Dabs provide the ability to produce a consistent temperature. Electric dab nails are used in conjunction with dab rigs, glass water pipes, and bongs. Most Enails dab kits are made from exceptional materials like quartz, ceramic, and titanium surfaces, silicone, and high-quality glass, which guarantees a long service life.

Weed Grinders | Herb Grinders | Tobacco Grinders

Our herb grinders are easy and convenient to use. Most users choose to use grinders for their many benefits that are strictly for use with dry herbs since dry herbs must be separated to provide better combustion. After grinding, herbs and tobacco have a more fragrant smell, improve quality, the taste is more prominent, burning more smoothly.

Automatic & Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines | Cigarette Rollers

Roll your cigarette by yourself, save time and save money. Enjoy delicate tobacco or herbs anytime. Our small hand cigarette rollers and automatic cigarette rolling machines are ergonomic body-designed, most of them come with an ant slip base, you can make cigarettes even anywhere you’d like.

RAW Pre-Rolled Rolling Classic Cones & Papers

RAW Classic Series contains natural hemp fibers to give the smoothest burn through unrefined rolling papers. RAW cones and papers save a lot of time because they are pre-rolled so you get a better experience without wasting time on rolling.

Smoking Accessories

Hand Pipes, Rolling Trays, Dab Tools, Smell Proof Bags, Doob Tubes & Containers, Lighters & Torches, Cleaning Tools, and much more smoking accessories.

If you look around, you will notice that the smoking industry has evolved from the use of traditional devices to more efficient systems. There are now simplified devices and accessories that support an enjoyable smoking experience, and you get all of these at Mr. Purple Store | Online Headshop USA.