Dab Rigs & Glass Water Pipes/Bongs

Dab Rigs & Glass Water Pipes/Bongs

Dab rigs and glass water pipes/bongs are now some of the most popular smoking devices. When you use a dab rig or water bong not only you get a smooth airflow sensation but the freshness that bubbling gives plus the highest level filter for you to have the best smoking experience.

Glass water pipes and bongs create a stream of smoke after you place your desired smoking product in the bowl and ignite it. This smoke produced travels down to the base holding a pool of water. The smoke then fills up to the mouthpiece and allows you to inhale and enjoy the smoky goodness.

At Mr. Purple’s online headshop, you get all-in-one glass water pipes, straight and beaker bongs,  big nargile shisha styles, silicone pipes, and bubblers, of all sizes, and designs.


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