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RAW Pre-Rolled/Rolling Classic Cones & Papers

RAW pre-rolled rolling classic cones and papers are some of the most popular smoking accessories. RAW Classic Series contains natural hemp fibers to give the smoothest burn through unrefined rolling papers. RAW cones and papers save a lot of time because they are pre-rolled so you get a better experience without wasting time on rolling.

At Mr. Purple’s online headshop, you can get all RAW pre-rolled/rolling classic cones:

RAW Cones King Size
RAW Cones 1-¼ Size
RAW Cones 70/30 Single Size
RAW Cones 70/45 Single Size
RAW Cones Lean Size
RAW Cones 98 Special Size
RAW Cones Emperador Size
RAW Cones Peacemaker Size
RAW Cones Supernatural Size


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