Things You Should Know About Gravity Bongs Healthier Than Regular Bongs

You’re looking for a different way to smoke marijuana. One interesting solution is the gravity bong. This type of bong is very popular especially among veterans who are familiar with how to get high quickly. In addition, several other factors are also the reason why this type of bong is still in demand and even very popular.

Before we go on to discuss this bong or infuser, you need to understand what it is and what it does. Most of us who are experienced in the field of marijuana are familiar with bongs. Without this tool, the smoking process feels less enjoyable and even quite dangerous. Bongs are also available in a seemingly endless variety of designs, models and styles. This tool is like fashion that is not just a practical function but also aesthetic. You will feel more confident and comfortable when smoking marijuana with certain types of bongs.

A bong is a water filtration device consisting of a watertight bowl stem, a container of water, and a tube or pipe that functions as a puller. The marijuana or herb is placed on the top of the stem and the smoker inhales the smoke from the top of the pipe, which naturally undergoes a filtering process through the water.

You will find bongs of various shapes, designs, materials, colors, and sizes. There are small bongs that are suitable for beginner smokers. This type is also practical and easy to carry anywhere. Products that are much sought after and used are bongs made of glass material. You don’t have to worry about the risk of breakage, dirt, and health problems. Instead, glass is easier to provide a perfect filtering process and increase the efficiency of smoking marijuana. Of course, these bongs also come with unique designs so that marijuana smokers will have an exciting experience.

What is a gravity bong?

When hearing this name, many people think that it uses advanced technology. They’re not wrong for thinking that because the procedure of smoking marijuana is also related to gravity. However, you need to know that this bong is actually a basic concept and not technically a high-tech machine.

This bong uses pressure and water to push the marijuana smoke into the lungs. When you light the bong, the water in the container will pull the smoke like you’re smoking and then collect it at one point. You inhale the smoke directly and with the help of direct pressure, it reaches the lungs quickly. In general, the use of gravity infuser will make smokers reach a high level of intoxication faster.

No one knows when this type of bong was first used. We also don’t know who invented it. It doesn’t really matter as long as it provides better benefits and makes marijuana smokers feel something different.

The great thing about this bong is that you can make it at home. For personal use, you can use materials and tools that are easy to find or buy from the nearest store. Furthermore, making this type of bong is not difficult and the process is very quick as long as you follow the instructions.

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Utilizing a Gravity Bong

The construction and usage of DIY gravity bong are both simple. The fundamental concept is to suck in substantial volumes of concentrated smoke using the vacuum pull that water creates. The water container must first be filled with water before the bowl may be removed from the water. After lighting the gravity infuser bowl, the user carefully pulls on the bottle to produce the suction required to extract as much smoke from the marijuana as possible.

The vacuum will be destroyed and the vapor will be gone if the bottle is totally removed from the water. Rather, the bottle is lifted out of the water until just a little piece remains submerged. The container and bowl are then carefully removed while making sure the bottle is also still submerged in water so the user should take the shot. The vacuum forces the smoke further into user’s lungs as they inhale it through the bottle’s mouthpiece and drags the bottle into the water. Take care not to draw it too quickly and forcefully to avoid taking a huge mouthful of water.

Advantages of using gravity bongs

No technical tool is perfect even the latest and most technologically advanced machines are bound to have flaws. The same is true with gravity infusers. This is not a device where you will get many advantages over regular bongs.

The first advantage when using this bong is that the smoke inhalation process is faster. You will get high easily. If you want to experience the thrill of the situation, try using this bong immediately.

Furthermore, you can make your own bong. Actually, products like this are available in the market. You can buy them directly or order from online stores. The product will be delivered to your home and the seller also provides design and quality variations.

However, you don’t have to be discouraged because you can’t afford this bong. With easy and cheap materials, you can make it directly at home with friends. The manufacturing process is also fast and does not require sophisticated tools.

Are gravity bongs healthier than regular bongs?

You need to make sure what is called healthy for cannabis smokers. Self-made gravity bongs carry a higher risk even if all the manufacturing procedures are followed. As mentioned earlier, it’s not the type of bong that’s the problem, but the materials. Those who want to save money are sacrificing their health. In the short term, any type of bong that is not up to standard is detrimental.

Gravity bong, on the other hand, has potential if manufactured correctly. The latest models of this type of bong are actually made with the best materials so that smokers feel safe, and comfortable, and have no health problems in the long run. There is no valid data if this bong is capable of killing smokers. You don’t need to worry about that.


From what has been discussed, you understand the gravity bong and its benefits. The popularity of these bongs is proof that many people like them and use them to fulfill their needs. In addition, this type of bong has been available for a long time and there have been no severe cases due to its use. Therefore, you don’t have to worry when using it. As a tip, it is better to buy products that meet the standards and are declared safe so that you avoid health problems that can actually be prevented early on.


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