What Is a Gravity Bong, and How Does It Function?

You may know that the gravity bong is used to consume cannabis. It is a unique and effective tool for many smokers. It becomes the favorite of many smokers because of its clever design to bring the best sensation in consuming cannabis. Another interesting thing about this smoking tool is you even can make it by yourself at home.

What Is Gravity Bong?

Also called Geeb, Grav, GB, and G-bong, it is one of the smoking tools that use gravity to push the smoke into the lungs. This smoking tool works through two systems. The first one is a larger chamber that holds the water. Another one is the smaller chamber to capture the smoke.

With the use of the systems above, a bong can hold more smoke than other smoking tools. When you inhale the smoky bottle, you are breathing in the smoke in one go from the entire cannabis bowl.

That is why this bong is not for newcomers. It can cause an intense high which can be out of the tolerance level. In another word, the use of these tools is only for experienced smokers who want to get more smoking experience.

About Homemade Gravity Bong

Besides being available in certain stores providing smoking tools, a bong also can be made at home. You can make your bongs using plastic bottles or glass bottles.

  • Plastic Bottles Bong

The common homemade bongs are made from plastics. This material is chosen because it is easy to get and shaped.

The cheap budget for using plastic bottles for making a bong comes to be another reason why people choose this material. Even though many smokers agree that smoking plastic bongs don’t give them a great smoking experience.

Another issue is the safety reason for using single-use plastic bottles. Those bottles can potentially contain PET or PETE. When the bottles are heated, the chemicals are possibly released and mixed with the smoke inhaled.

Unfortunately, research about this issue is still being conducted until now. So, the effect of chemical exposure is not clear yet.

  • Glass Bottles Bong

From the points about plastic bottles bong, people try to create homemade bongs using glass bottles. Indeed, creating a glass bong needs more effort and skill, especially drilling skills. Without knowing the trick to drilling the glass bottle, it can crack and break.

However, the result will give more satisfaction than the plastic bongs. Smokers can get better cannabis flavors and aromas using glass bongs.  

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How to Use a Gravity Bong

Are you curious about how to use a bong? Here are some steps to use this smoking tool. Check the details below.

  • Fill the base bucket with water.
  • Place a smaller bottle into the base.
  • Place the bowl head onto the smaller bottle.
  • Grind the weed and place it into the bowl head.
  • Ignite the cannabis using a lighter or hemp wick.
  • After the chamber is filled, the bowl head cap is removed.
  • Inhale the smoke from the small bottle.

You need to go slow and know your limits in using this smoking tool because it can produce a high hit.

The Functions and Benefits of Gravity Bong

Like other smoking accessories, this smoking device provides some functions and benefits for smokers. What are they? Let’s find out all of the functions and benefits of this smoking accessory below.

  • Bigger Hits

This smoking accessory is the king of the get-high-fast tool. The gravity in the bong produces a bigger hit. In this case, the water pressure will work to push the smoke. Thus, the chamber that is filled up with smoke can be inhaled in one go.

As the result, you will get a bigger hit compared to other smoking devices. Yes, you can get higher with fewer hits in less time. Indeed, this could be a great experience depending on your tolerance.

  • Efficiency

Not only instantaneous, but the bong is also potent. Known as a smoking device that makes the users high in a short time, you can choose this bong to get an efficient tool to consume cannabis.

Rather than taking multiple hits, a bong will allow you to consume an entire bowl in a single rip. The result is quick and powerful high for more satisfaction.

  • Its Uniqueness

For smokers who want to get a new unique experience, using a gravity bong is a good idea. With its uniqueness, this smoking accessory is a good choice for special occasions and social events. Of course, the big note is this bong is for experienced smokers with a high tolerance.

  • Easy to DIY

It’s a good thing that you can create this smoking accessory at your home. How to make a bong is super easy, even for someone who is the first time make it. You can choose to use plastic bottles or glass bottles depending on your preference.


Please check some Frequently Asked Questions relating to this smoking device.

  • Is a gravity bong better than other smoking accessories?

For experienced smokers who look for a device for big hits, this bong is the best choice. A new experience of smoking is provided when they use this device. However, for new smokers, this device is not recommended at all.

  • Does the gravity bong make people higher?

Since a bong can produce a big and powerful hit, people can get higher faster. It is because they can consume cannabis in one go.

  • How much is the price of a gravity bong?

The price of this smoking device varies depending on how luxurious the device is. The range price itself is from $5 up to hundreds of dollars.

However, those who have less budget, they can choose to create their bong at home. By using plastic or glass bottles in the house, they can experience using this great smoking device.

The Bottom Line With the functions and benefits of the gravity bong, it is not surprising that many smokers choose this device to consume cannabis. Even, you can create your bong at home with simple materials and simple steps to make it.


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