A Simple Guide to Using Glass Water Bongs

Do you know that almost 160 million people worldwide use cannabis for recreational and medical purposes? Yeah, and the interesting part is that a large percentage of these people use glass water bongs to consume cannabis.

Glass bongs have been a very fantastic way to smoke cannabis, but you may not understand if you’ve never used this product or if you’re new to it.

In this article, we would be showing you everything you need to know about using glass water bongs to smoke cannabis.

History of Bongs

Keeping it as brief as possible, let’s talk about the history of glass bongs.

A glass water bong is a smoking device that is widely accepted to be originated in Thailand. This device is meant for easy consumption of “dry herbs” like marijuana.

The word “bong” is related to the Thai word for “baung”- which is another smoking device made from bamboo.

However, based on some prehistoric evidence, a lot of people believe that the bong was first crafted in Africa. Despite all these beliefs, bongs have been an amazing tool among many cultures for centuries.

Although glass bongs come in different sizes, they all have some similarities, including:

  • A stem that allows the smoke travel after heating
  • A bowl that holds the raw flower
  • A mouthpiece where you inhale your steam from
  • A water chamber that is easy to empty and refill

The moment you spark up your bowl of herb, your glass bong filters out the smoke by allowing it to diffuse into the water.

Apart from sizes, glass water bongs come in different shapes. Some are basic and nondescript, while others look more like a piece of artwork. Also, some glass water bongs are built with percolators, which help to filter smoke more efficiently than before.

What are the benefits of using glass water bongs?

When it comes to the perks of glass water bongs, there too many to count.

Talking about composition, glass water bongs are one of the easiest to use. They are typically exposed to extreme heat and moisture as they are used, which makes them perform the best over time.  

More so, glass water bongs are built to withstand pressure, and that’s why they don’t warp, bend, split, or crack even after years of use.

One interesting benefit of using glass water bongs is that it doesn’t change the flavor of your herb as you smoke them. You only get to taste weed with the glass bong, and this is not the case with the wooden bong.

Another benefit is that glass water bongs are reusable. If you’re careful enough, you may be lucky to have a bong that can last you for life. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting new joint or blunt wraps again.

If you’re the type that loves smoking marijuana regularly, the good news is that the glass water bongs provide major water filtration. This is a great advantage because water filtration helps to cool your smoke as it hits your throat. That way, you get a reduced amount of irritation from your smoking device.

More so, using glass water bongs can filter out unwanted chemicals, hence, helping you get a smooth smoking experience.

More benefits you stand to enjoy using glass water bongs

Glass water bongs are making huge sales in the market due to their plethora of benefits.

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As a newbie, you don’t need to take monster hits to get the best experience. You can take smaller bong hits until you get accustomed to your new smoking device.

With time, you can progress to the next level with your glass water bongs by taking bigger hits.

One thing to note again is that glass water bongs are super easy to clean. Bongs are cleaned with alcohol, and you’re not at risk of inhaling dangerous ingredients.

Final Remark

Glass water bongs are now one of the most popular smoking devices. You are guaranteed to get a custom handcrafted piece with every purchase. That way, you are not only getting the best smoking experience but also supporting a local artist and enjoying their fine art.

If you’ve never tried glass water bongs, now is the time to enjoy a real treat. As long as you can take care of your glass bongs, this device will last you for many years to come.

If you need the perfect glass water bongs for the best smoking experience, you can visit our store today.


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