What is and how to use an electronic/electric e-nail dab kit?

One of the simplest and most popular ways to dab wax is with the use of e-nails. This is especially because of the temperature consistency you achieve while dabbing concentrates.

Most traditional rig setups use the butane torch, which is potentially dangerous, causing discomfort in most cases. Basically, if the temperature is too cold, the dab will collect at the base of the nail, and this gives off little to no flavor. When it is too hot, on the other hand, you will get a dab that smells and tastes like hot melted plastic covered with its own carbon dust.

More so, torches leaves you playing a waiting game every time because you want to avoid a mistimed disaster.

Using an electric dab nail, however, is the most intriguing solution to the butane touch dilemma. This piece of technology removes the need for using an external heating source. It heats up on its own to the perfect temperature to ensure you get the perfect dab each time, no matter what.

What is an electronic or electric nail?

Electronic nails or e-nails came into existence shortly after cannabis concentrate came into use. The popularity of this tool, however, has been stagnant due to their cost and limited availability. But recently, they are now widely used and often recommended to those new to dabbing concentrates.

The electric dab nail has a simple technological system that comprises a controller box that sends heat through a coil connected directly to the nail itself.

The box allows for easy manipulation of temperature allowed to the nail, and this gives every user the ability to regulate the amount of heat used by their dab rig. The interesting thing is that you achieve this with the touch of a button.

So, with an e-nail dab, you can simply turn on the unit, set your desired temperature, and wait for the unit to reach the said temperature before dabbing. Once the temperature is set, you can dab for an unlimited amount of times without having to worry about heat variability.

E-nails gives you an added level of control, allowing you to use your rigs optimally to achieve consistent result.

Using an e-nail dab

You need to keep in mind that you need a compatible dab rig to be able to use an e-nail efficiently. That’s why it is important to consider the size of the stem attachment when looking for an e-nail for your rig or bong.

You will find many options when searching for your ideal e-nail. Most of them are compatible with traditional dabber options. Whether you desire titanium, glass, or quartz dabbers, you can use them easily with your nail. Once the electric dab nail reads your desired temperature to dab at, use your dabber to place wax on it.

How to use an electric e-nail dab

Like we said earlier, if you were used to the butane torch, you would have been facing the stress of having a steady hand to heat the nail. Besides, you would have to wait for long hours for the nail to cool to the perfect dabbing temperature.

E-nail dabs save you the hassle of using a torch and remove every guesswork involved in finding the most suitable temperature to dab at.

That said, you need to be careful around your e-nail as it would always be dab-ready, around 5000F.  Your ideal dabbing temperature, however, will depend on preference, and it can change based on the type of wax concentrate you’re using.

It is more common to see dabbers taking dabs at low temperature and capturing the entirety of the vapor using a carb cap, and this is usually around 500-5500F.

When you take hot dabs, it produces a pronounced effect that takes only a few minutes to settle into. But you get a lighter and tapered rise into euphoric effects when you take low temp dabs.

Setting/Handling of temperature

Always note that there’s no temperature that works best for everything. Several factors come into play when choosing a temp for you e-nail.

You need to ask some questions like:

  • How large is your dab rig?
  • What type of insert are you using?
  • What’s the consistency of essential oil?
  • Are you using a carb cap?

The right answer to these questions will determine the appropriate temperature you should set your e-nail dab at.

The carb caps essentially helps to vaporize your essential oil concentrates at low temperatures that produce a less harsh hit.

If your essential oil pools in the bottom of your cup and does not vaporize, you should then turn up your temperature.

That said, see what works and suits your preference and setup best. You can start around 6600F and increase or decrease the temperature to get your desired “sweet spot” that gives you great flavor.

What are the benefits of an electronic dab nail?

E-nails creates a much more efficient flow for anyone who loves to get a great dabbing experience. Some of the amazing benefits you derive includes:

  • No blowtorch in the house
  • Perfect dabs every time
  • Compatible with nearly any rig
  • Vary in price, with many affordable options
  • Little power required to operate
  • Long-lasting

Final Remark If you desire to get the best experience dabbing cannabis concentrates, then the electronic dab nail is an excellent tool you should get for yourself. Besides, you get to save money, distribute lots of dabs over a long period (in the case of social dabbers), and save time.


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