Benefits of Using Dab Rigs/Glass pipes and Glass Bongs

The smoking culture has evolved and now you can use simple efficient devices like dab rigs or glass pipes and glass bongs to enjoy therapeutic herbs through a silky-smooth smoke. These devices offer many advantages over traditional smoking of cannabis, and that’s what we would be showing you in this article.

Benefits of dab rigs/glass pipes

Dab rigs are glass pipes that are specifically used for dabbing cannabis concentrates. The name “dabbing” was inspired by the act of making a dab of wax onto an already heated nail to create the smoke.

You can be sure of getting the perfect dabbing experience with the right dabbing accessories.

Here is a list of the benefits of smoking from a dab rig:

  • It delivers an incredibly powerful punch: No matter which dab rig you choose, you can be sure that it will deliver maximum, flavorful power. Dab rigs offer a great hit no matter the size you’re using.
  • The flavor is miraculous: Dab rigs deliver extraordinary flavor when it’s operating at a steady, low temperature. Most dabbers agree that a good hit offers more flavor than a classic rolled joint. Most dab rigs have temperature control that allows you enjoy an incomparable smoking experience.
  • Dab rigs are highly efficient: Some of these glass pipes have carp caps that allows you enjoy your herb at lower temperatures. The carb cap acts a sealant on the nail or banger and this transforms the nail into a mini heated oven. This way, the concentrates evaporate efficiently in short order. So every time you dab, the terpenes and cannabinoids will vaporize completely.

Benefits of glass bongs

Bongs are amazing smoking devices that are fascinating and exciting to use. You get to enjoy a lot of benefits using these glass bongs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Glass bongs offers smooth hits: Glass bongs gives a pleasurable experience even on your first trial. That’s because they are designed to produce smooth hits. These glass device does not irritate on the throat you inhale. The water content helps to kill any bacteria present in the smoke. So you can be sure of getting a clean and refreshing smoke due to the cooling effect that water provides. You don’t have to worry about the risk of getting lung cancer or bronchitis as all these have been eliminated.
  •  It gives big hits: Unlike most smoking methods that do not allow users take big hits, glass bongs allow you take bigger hits anytime you need.  And if you’re more comfortable with small hits, you can also use glass bongs to achieve that.
  • It is easy to use: Glass bongs are designed in a way that makes them easy and simple to use. Basically, bongs filter and cool down smoke for a smooth and enjoyable smoking session.
  • It provides water filtration: Filtration is important while smoking and glass bongs provide water filtration for smokers. This helps to cool the smoke and filter out the tar. That’s why you get a sticky black or brown water after smoking. However, it is important that you keep your glass bong clean at all time to get the best possible cooling and filtration function. Smoking with an unclean water ruins the original taste of the herb.
  • Bongs are fun: Glass bongs are excellent conversation starters. You can enjoy different designs and versatile materials that comes in a wide range of colors. The moldability of glass makes it easy for artists to craft artistic bongs in varieties of shapes.

Final Remark

Your smoking experience is dependent on several factors, including the kind of device you use. Dab rigs / glass pipes and glass bongs are two efficient systems used to enjoy your herb efficiently. These two smoking devices offer huge benefits as highlighted above compared to rolling cigarettes and other methods.

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