How to Use Paper and Cigarette Roller Machines

You might have observed and wonder why a lot of stoners today are showing great interest in learning how to use cigarette roller machines. The reason is simple – Rolled cigarettes are significantly cheaper than pre-made ones.

In this article, we would show you how to roll your own cigarette using a cigarette roller machine.  This device is one of the simplest smoking accessories out there, so don’t panic. After reading this article, you’ll be able to roll your own joints, cigarettes, and spliffs properly.

Without much ado, let’s begin with these step-by-step processes on how to use a paper rolling machine. These are just a few steps to follow and you’ll be rolling like a pro in no time.

Open and load your cigarette roller machine

Cigarette rollers have an up and down position. Open the mechanism from the down position, put in a filter, and slide it to one end. This is recommended for health reasons as the filters help to separate out the harmful chemicals present in tobacco.

After sliding the filter to one end, you can then scoop enough tobacco and fill it into the roller until it reaches the rails. Don’t fill beyond the rails and don’t press or pack the tobacco too tightly to avoid difficulty while smoking.

 Spread the tobacco evenly inside the cigarette roller machine and don’t let tobacco concentrate in different areas as this could damage the rolling paper. You can use your finger to spread out the tobacco so it forms a uniform surface. 

After spreading your tobacco evenly, click the roller into the up position to secure the tobacco inside. If you desire to check how big your cigarette will be, you can simply look at the side of the roller to see the amount of tobacco in the chamber. If the cigarette is too small or big, you can open them back up and adjust the amount of tobacco inside.

Roll the paper

Using both hands, turn both rollers towards you using your thumb and index fingers. However, do not make a complete 360- degree turn and do not roll from one side or it would be too tight and uneven.

Some rollers have markings at the rail top that helps you see when you’ve made a complete turn. You can simply use these markings to judge how much you’ve rolled.

After spinning the roller down, insert a sheet of rolling paper, with the adhesive tape strip facing you. If you’re not sure which part has the adhesive strip, you can hold the paper up to the light. The reflective and shiny part has the strip.

After inserting the rolling paper, spin the roller until you have only the adhesive strip sticking out. If the paper isn’t catching, you can try pull the paper out and reset it. Also, if the adhesive strip goes into the roller as you roll, try to open the roller up and take out the paper.

After spinning and you have your adhesive strip in the right position, lick it to activate the glue on the strip to ensure the cigarette seal properly. BOOM! You just rolled yourself a cigarette.

Remove your rolled cigarette and smoke

After spinning, click the roller back into the down position to open the chamber. Turn the roller upside down and collect your freshly-rolled cigarette. Now smoke that!

Final Remark

Cigarette roller machines are simple and unintuitive to use. You don’t have to spend so much on pre-made cigarettes. You can roll your own using a paper rolling machine following the steps highlighted above. Your first trial may not be perfect but don’t stop when it goes bad. Go back to the procedure and do the right thing and in no time, you’d be a genius!


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