How Much Does A Bong Cost?

For those who want to find bongs for sale, they won’t find difficulties. Lots of sellers provide various kinds of bongs at various prices so buyers can find the ones that suit their needs and budget.  Bong is a tool that can cool down the smoke. It works by filtering the smoke through water before users inhale it.  Bongs need water as it works as a filter that can remove any unwanted particles from the smoke that users are about to breathe in.

However, bongs are available at various prices. Users can buy the ones that they need. Of course, most bong users want to pay as low as they can. It is possible because there are very cheap bongs available in almost any store. Meanwhile, there are also expensive bongs for those who want to enjoy maximum benefits.

The Quality of Low Price of Bongs

However, it doesn’t mean that low bong prices have low quality. They are still highly functional. Bubble bongs may cost lower than $20. It is a standard water pipe containing a carburetor and a base.  Variants are also available from glass to plastic. The cost may depend on the material type that the bong uses.

There are some bongs for sale that cost a little higher than $20. They are still good in design and quality. Usually, the common material is ceramic and glass. Most ceramic bongs are available in exotic shapes. They are nicely crafted and have various options of colors.  More expensive bongs are available in which they are mostly designed by popular artists.

Size Does Matter

Particularly for bongs, size matters. This is because bigger bongs likely contain an extra water chamber. Those percolator bongs don’t only make the smoke cool, but they also filter the smoke.  Such bongs can result in a smoother hit because the percolator produces such pressure to break down the bubbles. Inhaling the smoke is much easier as well.

Users can get their money’s worth if they pay extra prices, you get your money’s worth because bigger and more expensive bongs have additional functions and usage.  For sure, the most expensive bongs may contain more than ten carburetors.  They ensure purer smoke for total satisfaction. There is no doubt, the cost may reach hundreds of dollars though they are worth spending.

The majority of high-quality bongs are made of glass. They can be very expensive. But of course, there are lots of reasons why they are worth buying.  The making process of glass bongs is very complicated as it can be classified as a work of art.

The more customizable the glass bong, the more expensive it will cost. A divergent design can cost very high.  There are lots of sellers who decide to create such expensive bongs for art lovers who want to enjoy an excellent smoking experience.  But,  for those who want to save money to get expensive bongs, they should try bongs for sale offers that lots of manufacturers offer.

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How People Use Bong

There are advantages of bongs that users know.  Most of them find out that bongs are easy to use, regardless of their shapes.  Bongs with the best quality can provide a smoother hit as the water filtration works in removing harsh dry smoke through the dry flower pipe immediacy. Many users prefer to place ice on the water to ensure cool hits of bongs.

Some kinds of bongs are equipped with an ice pinch which lets the cooling process of marijuana smoke, so users can enjoy a smoother flavor. It’s normally easier to find out how to utilize a bong than it is some other common smoking tools.  Bongs need less preparation work than a joint. Besides, it usually offers a stronger result than a dry flower vaporizer.

Why People Don’t Mind Spending Money to Buy Bongs

Recent studies have shown that water pipes will filter carcinogens out when they are completed with a percolator or diffuser. Water pipes can remove other toxicants particles from burning cannabis as well. By using a bong that owns two percolators set, then they will remove the acetaldehyde and cytotoxins acrolein presence.

The main purpose of a bong is for cooling and filtering smoke through the filtration system of water.  The water filtration can result in smoother smoke. But, users should smoke more in order to obtain the maximum impact because water pipes can filter more cannabinoids out than tar.

The majority of high-quality bongs also need a bigger initial cost than a joint. When users understand how to use it, then they can rest assured that their bongs will last longer as long as they maintain their bongs very well.  Even if they buy cheap bongs, they still have to replace them frequently in order to get the best smoke.

However, bongs need regular maintenance to maintain their prime condition.  This is a very important factor because a bong may be hard to clean when the water isn’t changed regularly.  The water of the bong can be stinky so it is very bothering.  Though the foul smell doesn’t indicate the function, but it is somewhat foul-tasting to users of cannabis.

Keep in mind that the price of bongs doesn’t always be similar to the quality of users’ experience. Most of the time, they can experience similar smoking experiences from different-priced bongs. Fortunately, buyers can choose their desired bongs, because most manufacturers want to promote their products with their best prices and features.

Where To Find The Right Bong with the Right Price?

There are lots of online sellers that provide various kinds of bongs with various prices and features. If you are one of those who want to enjoy highly priced bongs, then you can find sellers that offer bongs for sale. Finding the right bong may require comprehensive research. Yet, buyers should start by understanding the exact bong that they need.  It is also beneficial to determine the budget so they can spend the right amount for the cost of their desired bongs.  Spending time researching the right bong with the right features will help buyers in enjoying maximum pleasure in smoking.


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