Pre-Rolled Cones Vs. Rolling Papers: Advantages and Disadvantages

Rolling cigarettes are quite popular among smokers. Smokers commonly choose to roll their cigarettes because they can fill the herbs on paper as much as they want. In smoking, different rolling methods use different papers. Pre-rolled cones and rolling papers are the two methods that many smokers can try.

Even though those two methods are designed to serve the same purpose, the difference between them is the ease of usage. Besides, each method also has its advantages and disadvantages that all smokers may experience. Before you decide which rolling method you will choose, it is essential to know well about those methods. 

About Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre-roll Cones are readymade cones to create a cigarette with the same size and perfect cone shape. You can fill the cone with the dry herbs you want to enjoy smoking. When you don’t want to waste your herbs, this type of rolling cigarette is the best choice.

Advantages of Pre-Rolled Cones

When you choose pre-rolled cones rather than rolling papers, you may find several convenient things as the advantages of this rolling method in smoking.

1. Easy to use

Its convenience is the first advantage that all smokers can get when they use this cone. It is easy and simple to use, so all smokers can enjoy smoking using the cones. It can add more fun to your smoking session, especially when you are together with friends.

2. Less preparation time

Because it is a simple item to use before the smoking session. You only require a few minutes to prepare one cone for smoking. What you should do is prepare the cone and fill it with the herbs you need. There is no need for a rolling cigarette skill because you can get the rolled cones in many stores.

3. Smooth Hits

When you look for smooth hits, you can use pre-rolled cones. The pleasant and smoother hits can be provided by its bigger size at the end. You also can get a long joint by choosing the cones. That is why it adds to the smoking experience.

4. A trendy item

Do you want to use a trendy item for your smoking session? This cone is quite popular, especially for young smokers. Many smokers love to use this item, and it comes to be a trendy item for smoking nowadays. The cones also can be easily found in both online and offline stores.

5. Better for beginners

For beginners, this item is the best choice because it is easy to use. You don’t need to worry about rolling the cigarette on your own because you have got the cone.

Disadvantages of Pre-Rolled Cones

On the contrary, there are some disadvantages of these pre-rolled cones for smoking. Find out some of the disadvantages below.

1. More expensive

Compared to rolling papers, the cones are more expensive. If you want to save money, this item is not recommended for you. That’s why some people choose to use another item for smoking.

2. One shape

You can shape the joint if you use basic rolling paper. However, the cones are provided in one shape only. It doesn’t seem a big deal, but for some smokers, it can bother them to enjoy smoking.

3. Smashable

The cones are smashable or easily damaged. When you choose this item for smoking, you should keep the cones in a tube because the conical shape may get damaged, and it makes you can’t enjoy your smoking session.

About Rolling Papers

Besides, there is another common item that many smokers use to enjoy their smoking session. It is called rolling papers. The papers are designed to wrap the herbs for smoking with several types that smokers can use depending on their needs. There are rice paper, wood pulp, and hemp. Usually, those who use rolling paper is the experienced smokers who can roll the paper well.

Advantages of Rolling Papers

Talking about the advantages of smoking rolling paper, you will find that this item has several advantages. From the price to the use of it, let’s check the explanation about each advantage in the following paragraphs.

1. Cheaper

When you compare the rolling paper and cones, you will find that rolling paper is cheaper than cones. It is a good item for those who want to save money to enjoy smoking. This smoking paper also has a hundred leaves on each paper pack which is great for a big party.

2. Easy to use for experienced smokers

Even though it is not recommended for beginners, the rolling paper is a good choice for experienced smokers. The experienced ones usually know how to roll the joint faster.

3. More Control

When the cones come with one size only, rolling papers will give you more control over joint size and shape. You can create a small joint and a big joint depending on your want. This is a great idea to give you more experience in enjoying smoking.

4. Portable

The paper pack is easy to keep because there is no need for special treatment to keep it. You also don’t need to worry if the paper will get damaged. The small paper pack is travel-friendly, so you can bring it easily everywhere you go.

Disadvantages of Rolling Papers

At the same time, you get some disadvantages of rolling papers. Get the details of each disadvantage of this item below.

1. Time-consuming

Rolling up a piece of rolling paper will need more time than using the cones. You should roll the paper well to get a good size to smoke. It can be a challenge for many smokers before enjoying their smoking session.

2. Not for beginner

Because rolling up the paper needs a skill, rolling paper is not recommended for beginners. It will be hard to use because smokers can lose the herbs when they don’t know how to roll the paper well. To sum up, you can choose pre-rolled cones and rolling papers depending on your preferences. However, you should make sure that you choose the appropriate method, so you can enjoy your smoking session more.

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