How to fill your RAW Pre-rolled cones

You will hear your buddies saying that nothing is comparable to the feeling of smoking a joint. But what? You can’t feel it because you are not perfect at making joints, rolling papers, and stuff. You are the one who just ruins the taste and feels bad about it later.

Look, buddy! Even if you can’t make a perfect joint and just can’t roll a perfect cone, you still have the right to feel the pleasure. So, I’ve good news for you. If you’re a weed lover and you want to make it convenient, economical yet pleasant then you only have to learn to fill the Pre-rolled cone. Your job has been done.

There is no doubt that joints give the most pleasurable experience but the only downside is that they require some effort to procure. Making the best joints requires time to make it perfect. However, if you really want to make it but in a  simple. And easy way then you must opt for Pre-rolled cone. Pre-rolled cones are basically the cones that are rolled in a cone shape, a perfect, uniform shape with variable sizes. So, the tough job is done. All you’ve to do is to fill the cone with your favorite herb and enjoy. Cheers‼

Now what type of Prerolled cones you should use?

You will find a huge variety of Pre-rolled cones making it difficult for you to choose. But I’ve the best option for you; RAW cones are the most reliable and easy-to-go Pre-rolled cones. The RAW cones are made up of unbleached paper. Safe yet pleasant.

Pros and cons of Pre-rolled cons:  

They are convenient, quick, and easy to go for. You can make a joint with in no time. Pre-rolled cons are the best option for someone who is unaware of rolling a joint. So, a list of pros goes on. Overloaded happiness costing nothing!

When we talk about cons of Pre-rolled cones, there are few which you can ignore in front of a number of pros. Pre rolled cons are somehow expensive than rolling papers and stuff. Also, shapes and sizes are not controllable like rolling papers. However, there are different shapes and sizes available in market and you can choose yours.

Pre rolled coneswill give a double and exciting dose of happeness to you whether you’re master of cannabis or a newbie. It’ll come in a Pre rolled form, so the only thing you need to worry about the packing of cone with your beloved cannabis and and then twisting the ends of the joints.

Now, if you’re a newbie and don’t know how to roll your cone. So, here are simple steps, just give them a read and you’re good to go.

Step 1: Granulate your cannabis

In order to use pre-roll joint, it’s necessary to grind your cannabis by using grinder. If you don’t have a grinder, don’t worry! You can also crush it using your hands but try to make it fine and even because smaller granules of cannabis are a way easier to be pre-rolled.

Moreover, make sure that you’ve enough crushed cannabis because if you’ll have small quantity your cone will be lose not enough canmbis in it. Hence, your final joint will not give you a  pleasent smoking effect.

Step 2: Fill the cone

How, this is the most important step. Once you’re finished crushing your cannabis, next step is the filling of cone. In this step, you’re just gonna pick the cannabis and fill it in the cone. However, you need to be really careful so that you don’t end up making a lose cone with some unpleasant filters. So, you will hold the stem of your cone and start filling it firmly. If you can’t fill the cannabis with your hand, there are multiple accessories, tweezers to help you. This will also speed up the process.

Once you’ve filled the cone, shake it gently or tap on it so that cannabis get balanced to all the parts. If the cannabis is not evenly distributed in a cone, it will get lose.

Step 3: Pack the damn cone

You’re just 1 step away from feeling the immense pleasure of your cone. What you need to do is start packing your cone. It’s better to pack the cone using any thin accessory like chopstick or cone packer. Now, when you’re packing your cone make sure to add more cannabis so that the joint don’t get lose. The secret of rolling cannabis lies in a fact that you’ve to make joint tight at any cost. It’s better to alternate between filling the cone and packing the cone and then filling the cone, packing the cone.

Step 4: Make a twist

Once you’ve packed the cone well, pat yourself on your back. You did a great job! Next you just need to twist the cone. All you’ve to do is to check that you’ve enough rolling paper for twisting. If yes, the go ahead and make a twist. Make it tight and taa-daa; Your Pre-rolled cone is ready!

Step 5: Be proud of yourself

Now, you’ve made it to the best Pre rolled cone. So, you should be proud of yourself. You’re going to make a better cone each day. Remember one thing, PRACTICE MAKES THE MAN PERFECT.

Here are some bonus tricks f or you!

In order to master the art of rolling the cannabis cone, I’ve some amazing tricks for you. If you start using these tricks, you’re gonna love your roll. I promise!

  1. The only secret is to make it tight but after leaving space for air flow. If you really wanna feel the pleasure of your next joint, you should always fill your cone fully and you should always hold it firmly.
  2. Make it even. Fill it evenly with your proper attention. Fill it with care and love, otherwise it will not make you feel it.

Use accessories to enhance the feels. Cannabis is common now, so you’ll find a lot of cute accessories. Use them. Best of these is cone packer. Cone packer makes the work perfect. Although you can use a long stick or chop stick for this purpose but cone will make it super for you.


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