How to make a homemade DIY gravity bong? we teach you!
How to make a DIY homemade gravity bong?

It’s the weekend and the weed day!

Are you craving to smoke a pot, and are you tight on budget? If yes, Fret not; here are a few quick starts to keep your weekends smoking high because, with this homemade device, you don’t need expensive bongs or royal pubs to smoke. Just a cozy home and a little bit of creativity will do wonders.

People from past generations came up with some creative ways to get high. This search led to some pretty cool innovations, such as the iconic gravity bong.

If you want to be quick and creative, you can always make DIY gravity bongs instantly! Bongs can be made without a hassle because it’s cheap, saves your time and energy. Gravity has no price and can be re-used, which saves your wallets and your spirits high!

DIY gravity bongs are made with simple homemade products mainly from the kitchen essentials; you just need to have a home and some basic knowledge of physics. Gravity bongs are a fun way to smoke cannabis. This article is the guide to teach you to make one of the simplest gravity bongs.

Here’s how to make a homemade DIY gravity bong within few minutes.

It will hardly take 10 minutes to get your smoke started, so the first things first, make sure you have the right essentials with you; here’s the list you will need

  • Empty plastic bottles
  • Sharp cutter
  • Toothpick
  • Aluminum foil
  • A lighter
  • And yes, cannabis of your choice, of course
  • Also some essential experience too

After ensuring these items’ availability, you can now begin with the actual DIY procedure to begin gently cut the bottom of the plastic bottle with a sharp cutter. The bottle can be of any size if you want to smoke alone, but a large bottle will be necessary if you tend to use it with several friends. Remember, larger the size, it’s double the fun.

After cutting the bottle into two, you will only need the upper part. Remove the bottle’s lid and take the aluminum foil to cut it in a medium size. Cover the bottle’s mouth, and avoid wrapping it tightly because eventually, you will take it off later and use a toothpick to poke multiple tiny holes in the foil. Do it neatly. The holes must be small because larger holes will cause the cannabis to fall inside, and we don’t want that because cannabis doesn’t come cheap. The next step is to take a bowl or another plastic bottle with a large width than the previous one. Check to ensure that the bottle you use can fit in with the first. Cut the second plastic bottle as well, but keep the bottom part of the plastic container. Fill it with water to the top; please make sure it doesn’t spill. The water temperature doesn’t matter if it’s warm or cold. As long as it contains clean water, you are good to go. To continue, put the upper part of the plastic bottle into the bottom part of the second container. The water in the plastic must not reach the mouthpiece of the container if, in case it does, then avoid pushing the top bottle too deep. Maintain a few centimeter spaces. Do not slide the bottle to the very end.

Now On the foil, sprinkle at least 1gram of the cannabis and light it up. Hold on to the flame and slowly lift the bottle from the water till it’s almost out of the water.

You should notice at this point that the entire bottle will be filled with smoke. Once you see it, take off the foil carefully and inhale it quickly; otherwise, the smoke will escape; if the smoke escapes, you will lose the fun. Beginners must use the bong cautiously as its highly concentrated as you push down on the bottle gradually while inhaling, the smoke inside the bottle will gush into the lungs keep inhaling and going until all the smoke is out,

if there’s still smoke left, you can always give it another shot; otherwise, put the foil back on the gravity bong / hookah / infuser, light it up and repeat.

The process could be smooth or even rough, depending on how intensely did you take the hit. But after taking it, you may feel a soothing head rush, lightheadedness, or a sudden panic attack where you’ll wish to go back when you were sober, however, whichever the case is, try and relax. the smoke won’t kill you

A word of caution, however, please be familiar with how to use a gravity bong before you use it. This is meant for people that have experience with its use in a way. Smoking from a gravity bong does get you high. That’s because it’s a highly concentrated amount of smoke that gets forced into your lungs which is way more than your typical and average shots. You are smoking an entire bottle at once. When you take the smoke, it is abrupt and hard, and it’s better to be prepared because honestly, smoking a gravity bong is not for the faint of heart or beginners.

Other than this, gravity bongs are easy and fun to use at any time of the day. Bongs are cheaply made with essential homemade items. There are many other DIY bongs, such as waterfall or soda can, but gravity bong is the most popular one. However, it all depends on what your style and likings demand, so enjoy the smoke while it lasts.

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