Pros and Cons of the RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones

There are different methods of enjoying cannabis, including smoking, vaping, administering them through topicals like oils and creams, and consuming them as edible. However, smoking has been one of the most popular methods of enjoying weed, especially with friends and like-minds.

Talking about smoking, one of the major challenges stoners face is rolling their herbs by themselves using rolling papers. This method is not beginner-friendly and is time-consuming. Hence, a lot of stoners are switching to the use of pre-rolled cones, especially the “RAW pre-rolled cones.”

What are pre-rolled cones?

Pre-rolled are cannabis papers that have been rolled for you to use. The base region of a pre-roll, called a “trim,” has a mixture of bits of cannabis leaf and buds. You can roll this trim into a cone (or another shape) based on your preference.

A report, according to the cannabis industry news, showed that approximately 492.8 million pre-rolls were sold across the U.S and Canada in 2018. This translates to about $985 million in sales volume, assuming that the average wholesale price for each pre-roll is $2.

Raw classic pre-rolled cones are one of the best brands of pre-rolled cones you can find in the market. They make smoking enjoyable and easy, and you get an even amount of herbs in each cone.

Here’s a quick highlight of the Pros and Cons of the RAW pre-rolled cones:

Pros of the RAW pre-rolled ones

There are three major benefits of using pre-rolled cones in enjoying your cannabis. These includes:

RAW pre-rolled cones are good for beginners

Unlike the rolling papers that needs you to have some degree of experience, you don’t need to have a prior experience before using pre-rolled cones. That’s why they are recommended for stoners, especially beginners who desire to have a smooth experience.

All you need to use the RAW classic cones is to grind up your herb and fill up the cone. You don’t need to understand any complex methods or smoking accessories.

RAW pre-rolled cones come in variety of sizes

You can easily decide the size of pre-rolled cones you want because you have varieties. This helps you control the dosage of cannabis you’re smoking. So if you want larger doses, the larger size cones are available, but if you only want smaller doses, you can opt for the small-sized RAW cones.

RAW pre-rolled cones are time-efficient

Pre-rolled cones do not waste your time as seen with the use of rolling papers. This technique of smoking is time-efficient as each pre-roll takes only a few minutes to fill.

Cons of RAW pre-rolled cones

Although the pre-rolled cones are highly recommended for smoking herbs, you need to be mindful of some little drawbacks, including:

RAW pre-rolled cones can be crushed easily

You need to be careful when using pre-rolled cones as they can be easily crushed if they are out of their package. Always handle them with extreme care because of their shape.

Raw pre-rolled cones can be a bit pricey

You will need to sacrifice some amount of money if you want to enjoy your cannabis using cones. These smoking tools are quite pricy and that’s mainly because they are manufactured thus saving you the time taken to make one.

Most cones cost between $7 and $10 each and that’s not too bad compared to $5 for a non-rolled joint. However, some products can cost up to $50 each.

If you truly want to enjoy your cannabis without much stress and mess, you should opt for the pre-rolled cones. All you need to do is to spare a few bucks to enjoy much convenience and efficiency.

Final Remark

You don’t have to go through the stress of rolling papers just to enjoy your cannabis. The pre-rolled cones are amazing smoking tools that a lot of stoners are using today to customize and get the best out of their smokes.

More so, you can easily control the amount of your dosage. And the interesting part is that the result you get will usually look the same. This is a great option if you’re suffering from joint pain or have dexterity issues. Visit Mr. Purple Store to see a collection RAW cones you can find in the market.


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