Suitable Batteries for Vape Devices

The battery is an important part of every vaper’s hardware, and that that’s because they provide the power required to vaporize your e-liquid. So this implies that when there’s no power, there’s no vapor.

You may wonder and say, “oh I’ve got a small pod, I don’t think it carries a battery,” Well, for smaller pods or cigalike systems, the battery are usually integrated into the system and are irremovable.

However, for larger advanced personal vaporizer (Box mod, or APV), the vape pen batteries are the high discharge lithium-ion cells

Apart from the disposable pre-filled cigalikes, all vapor devices work with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. However, each of these devices has their unique battery needs.  

So we are going to discuss the difference between the integrated and removable vape pen batteries and how to stay safe while using them.

Integrated Batteries

Just like we mentioned earlier, the integrated batteries are what you have in smaller pod and cigalike device. This means that the battery is built into the body of the vape device and you shouldn’t remove or replace them.

The integrated batteries use a chemistry called the lithium polymer (with a gel core) or lithium ion (with a liquid core), which is combined with the circuitry, outer casing and controls to form a single compact unit that connects to the e-liquid delivery device and atomizer.

Note that some advanced mods also come with the integrated batteries.

The charging of the integrated batteries is usually done with a micro-USB port, which is commonly used on other devices.

That said, you don’t need any form of battery maintenance with the integrated batteries. All you need to do is to simply plug in and boom, your device starts charging.

Most pod devices are all-inclusive as they come with a charging cable that you can easily connect to any USB wall plug.

However, one thing you should avoid is using a computer for charging. No doubt, most computers are built with a few USB ports, but you shouldn’t try to plug your charging cable into them.

The computer USB ports are specifically designed for data transfer, so any form of malfunction while transferring power can cause serious damage to your vape device and even your computer.

You don’t want to take such a risk because it would cost you a lot of money. That’s more reason to avoid charging with a computer.

Also, always ensure that you keep an eye on a charging battery. You should unplug immediately you notice that it is getting too hot (slightly warm may be okay).

Despite all the advantages of the integrated batteries, its downside is that it has a finite number of times it can be recharged. This means that you’ve got to replace the entire device when your battery begins to fail.  This is common after about 150 and 300 charging cycles.

Replaceable Batteries

The replaceable batteries are what you use on most advanced mods you find on the market. These batteries have huge benefits, but requires more maintenance than the integrated options.

If you have to switch from the pod system to the mod system, you’ll have to make a jump from the integrated batteries to the replaceable types.

The good thing about the replaceable batteries is that you can easily swap them out at any time. This means you can have a spare set available at any time. So, if your device is running low and you can’t find any outlet near, you can easily swap batteries.

Also, the fact that you can choose mods with anything from one to four cells, you can easily generate more power than with a fixed battery device.

However, you should have a standalone charger to charge your batteries outside the mod if there’s a need. Avoid using USB port and cable on computer to charge your device.

Most replaceable battery mods can use a different type of replaceable battery. So instead of using the common 18650 cells, you can use the more recent powerful battery, the 21700.

Final Remark

Your dab and vape 510 thread pen batteries are an important part of your vaping and you should consider the suitable option to get the best experience. If you device requires using a replaceable battery, ensure you choose the right cells for your device and charge them properly using appropriate charger.

Most “exploding e-cigarette” stories you hear around are mostly from loose spare batteries being carried around in a purse or pocket where they discharge when in contact with metal objects like coins or keys.

So always handle your mods properly. Your device with replaceable cells are safe as other electrical devices when you handle them properly. Check out our store to see good brands and prices of the 510 Thread batteries. You also get a chance to enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.


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