Glass Dab Rigs VS Glass Bongs Difference

While the question that stands out here is to try and learn the difference between Glass Dab Rigs and glass bongs. But let’s first clear when dab rigs and bongs are consumed. Bongs are mostly used with tobacco, dry herbs, or flowers, while dab rigs are consumed whole using legal concentrates like wax, honey, or oil. Basically, both are water pipes and use percolation to filter the smoke or vapor. But the main difference depends on what you are consuming. Hope you have now gotten an idea of what are dab rigs and bongs. Now let’s move on to Glass Dab Rigs vs. Glass Bongs.

Glass Dab Rigs:

Glass dab rigs work when your favorite herbs get concentrated with concentrates like wax, budder, oil, etc., it will give you the psychoactive effects you are looking for. Also, they are very classy and stylish and gives a cooler, kinky look. Also, dab rigs are more modern than bongs, as bongs have been there for a long time. So with dab rigs, you can now also custom-build your own glass dab rigs with your preferred style and choice of your own.    

To use a dab rig, it first needs to be heated on a very hot surface. It requires a dab nail which is usually made of ceramic, glass quartz, and in the case of glass dab rigs, it is made of glass. Then, when your glass dab rig gets heated, it’s time to inhale the smoke or vapor from the mouthpiece. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular traditions going around as people enjoy the smooth hit it gives. Also, people are getting to know the side effects of smoking. As a replacement, convective heating is a good substitute as it is healthier, smoother, and doesn’t waste the ingredients present in the concentrate. In short, it is a more fancied water pipe with extra accessories which make it more simple and enjoyable.   

Glass Bongs:

Glass bongs, as the name suggests, use glass as a bong. These traditional glass bongs that are of high quality are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Also, it can be used even at high temperatures when it gets a lot hotter than usual, but it won’t break. These glass bongs mostly use water to filter the smoke. This means that you can consider glass bongs as water bongs too. But if you don’t use water in your glass bong, then it will become a dry bong. It is mostly not recommended as it leads to difficulties infiltration. Ultimately, glass bongs are beautiful and come in various sizes and shapes based on the choice of consumers. Glass Bongs are most commonly used to smoke marijuana, tobacco, or other drugs.

In order to use glass bongs, what you need first is to fill the bong with water. Some users like to have a little cooling effect, so they add ice to cool the smoke. This cooling effect reduces the discomfort caused by the heat of the smoke. Next, you need to light up the bowl and start to inhale the smoke. Then the smoke will make its way through the bong and will also get filtered by the water. Ultimately, this process will give you a soothing experience. 

Most of the time, the assembly of the container and the stem of most of the bongs are removed shortly after the marijuana burn. As it helps allow fresh air to circulate and clear the smoke chamber, ensuring that no smoke disappears unhealthily.

Glass Dab Rigs VS Glass Bongs difference:

There is an attached male or female joint in water pipes of bongs as well as dab rigs. In the case of a Glass dab rig, as concentrates are used, it requires a dab nail to the joint on the water pipe. So it will need a dab torch to vaporize the concentrates. While in the case of glass bongs, it will have a bowl piece that went in the joint. In that case, you can smoke your herbs, flowers, or tobacco, etc. So a glass bong will have a bowl piece, while Glass dab rigs have a dab nail that will eventually make it a dab rig. 

The next step that will help you differentiate between Glass Dab Rigs and Glass Bongs is the size in which they come in. as we discussed before, bongs are used to consume dry herbs, flowers, and so it will require a large piece with percolators in order to get maximum filtration and cooling effect. It is one of the reasons you will get a smoother hit. While in glass dab rigs, consuming concentrates will require small pieces and fewer percolators as you will be consuming concentrates. In this case, it will reach the lungs more quickly and won’t lose its hit and flavor. 

Also, you might be thinking which one gives a strong hit, glass dab rigs or glass bongs. So, in this case, Glass Dab Rigs will give a smoother hit because there are concentrates when it comes to dab rigs, and they are more potent than regular flower or dry herbs. So this is why dab rigs get you higher than using glass bongs.

If we look at the cost, Glass dab rigs stand out to be more costly than glass bongs. But it also depends on their style and how fancy these are. Dab rigs are more costly because they require more accessories than Glass Bongs like a dab nail, dab torch, dabber tool, etc.  

So from these fair points, I hope you got an understanding on what are the differences between Glass Dab rigs and Glass Bongs and how they work. So now it depends on your personal preference which type you want to choose. But as you are going to spend your time seeing which herbs or concentrates you require, both are water pipes, but with the correct attachments, you will get your preferred experience. 


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