Where to buy Raw pre-rolled cones

Whether you’ve been smoking for so many years, or this is your first time dabbling in it, you sure have heard about Raw cones and how good it is. The company offers cones and rolling papers to help you enjoy your tobacco and weed further. But first, you need to know the difference between regular rolling paper and cones.

Rolling papers are popular due to their affordable price. But some people may not like it because it’s lacking filters and other things to make them enjoy a smoke. And not to forget that some people may need an extra apparatus to roll their papers. Thankfully there are pre-rolled cones.

Why should I use a Pre-Rolled Cone?

A pre-rolled cone comes from a rolling paper that they roll to give maximum effect. Again, this can be a personal choice. Some people prefer their rolling methods and won’t say no to others. But you can rest assured that the team at Raw designs their cones to give you the smoothest and longest smoke.

The best thing about using a pre-rolled cone is that it saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to fumble trying to find your rolling paper and blunt. You can easily prepare your blunt, fill the cone, and start smoking right away.

Pre-rolled cones also can give you more mellow smoke at the end. And since they went through multiple quality check processes, these cones are high quality. They also can give you a smoother burn.

In case you just started taking weeds or transitioning from your daily tobacco intake, you will enjoy smoking with a Rawproduct. You can taste how different it is from your regular rolling paper. 

And since they have different sizes of cones, you can limit your usage to fit your prescribed dosage while still having fun.

What’s so special about Raw cones?

First and foremost, Raw emphasizes how size matters.  They have an extreme two-foot-long cone that you can share at a party. This unique size will ensure your party is the only one everyone wants to be.

But Raw also provides unique and limited edition cones such as the Black cones that will give you the smoothest burn ever. You also can have seasonal cones and some of their collaboration projects.

Above all, Rawonly uses natural ingredients without any dangerous additives such as chalk and dyes. They don’t bleach their paper as they use an ancient technique that only generational paper makers in a tiny village in Spain use.

The company ensures that they source their materials ethically from Acacia gum trees in Africa. They also don’t add any GMO or animal products.

As for keeping the burns low, they add natural gumline to glue the ingredients together before uniquely pressing them with an ancient technique.

Perhaps, the only addition they have are the natural flavor infusion for several limited-edition products.  And if you prefer to keep it all natural Raw also offers organic hemp rolls. These rolls only come in the classic or 1 1/4 and Kingsize or 110mm length.

Where can I buy one?

Raw offers several purchase options. Their official website also has an online store for you to buy directly. However, in case you note the price differences, it’s because the website’s store includes the percentage to support the Wine for Water initiative.

If you’re on a budget, you also can look at your favorite retailers for one of their cones. Raw trusted several websites and retailers to carry their line. You can look for the complete list on their official retailer page.

Due to their popularity, there are some fake Raw cones online. But you don’t have to worry since Raw includes a unique print in their packages. This marker will tell you if you’re buying an original product or a counterfeit one.

You also can do a test by having your Raw paper directly above a flame. If the paper starts to curl up, it means you have an original Raw product. This reaction happens due to the natural gumline in the mix and the unique press method to watermark their papers. Therefore, when you put them near a flame, the paper starts losing its moisture.

Needless to say that counterfeit papers won’t act as such. They either shrivel, turn black, or even caught the flame. You also can tell if it’s a fake from the available packaging. Several Raw cones only come in specific packaging with all-natural, biodegradable paper packaging. The company won’t include any plastic straws or other non-natural materials.

Raw itself doesn’t recommend you buy from an online marketplace. And if you happen to find a fake Raw cone, they encourage you to report your finding through their website.

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Another reason Raw cones are special

You know that they only use natural ingredients and keep their products vegan-friendly. Keeping the ingredients natural can help you taste the real flavor every time you smoke.

You also don’t have to worry about bad smoke or the cone burning out too soon. The natural gumline in these cones ensures that the flame will burn at a natural speed that you can enjoy.

Feel free to try different sizes and types to find which one you like best. Maybe you enjoy the black cones better than the classic. Or maybe you prefer the 12-inch long one.

More reasons for getting Raw cones are the initiatives they’ve been supporting throughout the years. In addition to upholding good ethics in its products, the company is also active in giving back to the community through its Raw-giving initiatives.

They support various worldwide initiatives, including an orphanage in Indonesia, providing water for a remote village in Uganda, and many more. You also can be part of these initiatives when you buy any Raw products. Perhaps the only drawback of using a pre-rolled con is the price. Some of the Raw cones can be expensive to some. But the massive benefits outweigh the cons and even justify the price at some point. Especially if you buy their unique cone sizes. And don’t forget that any purchase you make will support various initiatives.


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