Do Dab Rigs Get You Higher?

Dab rigs are smoking accessories that concentrate the smoke’s density through the water bodies that vaporize around the tools. Hence, it becomes the reason why some smokers refer to dab rigs as concentrate rigs. On the other hand, other smoking businesses and people, in general, can refer to these smoking tools as only dabs.

These rigs are different from bongs or water pipes, even though some smokers categorize the concentrate rigs as specialized versions of bongs. Their uses of ultra-high heat from the materials and supporting tools are the things that make them different from the basic versions of bongs.

Nonetheless, we may wonder, “Do dab rigs get you higher?” Additionally, we may follow through by asking ourselves to what extent can the dabs get us to feel higher when we smoke. Let us continue to read to know the yes-or-no answer while also learning other aspects of these smoking accessories.

Do dabs get you higher?

Yes! Most smokers have proved that dab rigs are the best in creating that feel-high moment when we smoke. The concentrate rigs are particularly the best smoking accessories for inhaling weeds or marijuana.

The aftertaste and feels the dabs create through the smoking experiences are so smooth and robust to the point that other smoking tools like vapes and e-pens can’t rival their powers. When a smoker feels confident in using the concentrate rigs, the tool sets become some of the most efficient tools for smoking.

Dabs don’t only provide the most fragrant smoke smells. These accessories also don’t leave out too many residues after smoking, which makes cleaning the tools more convenient than we do in other smoking tools.

Many times, it only takes one hit of dabs for smokers to get high. Such amounts are much fewer than when smokers use other accessories, such as bongs, vapes, and joints. That’s why smoking with dabs requires people who have familiarized themselves with the tools’ anatomy.

What should you expect in a package of concentration rigs?

Concentration rigs (or dabs) are specialized types of bongs. So, when we purchase these rigs, we don’t only expect them to come in the one-tube form. Even one bowl of the whole toolset is not enough as an addition, particularly when we’ve familiarized ourselves with other smoking tools and accessories.

Let’s talk about the tubes first, because these things are the things that differentiate the rigs from other smoking tools. The glasses that can turn 360 degrees are the best tubes for dabs because they tend to elevate the smokers’ experiences more than the static tubes.

Ideally, the tubes have transparent looks with any heat-resistant materials to support the ways they work. Quartz, titanium, and glasses are the most common materials for tubes.

In addition, when we purchase dabs, we should also make sure the bowls (or the dab nails) can filter the water well. That way, the smoke can deliver smoothly through the hoses. As for the materials, quartz and titanium are two of the most popular materials with their distinctive characteristics.

The adapters are yet some other crucial anatomies that should be present within a package of dab rigs. After all, you need to be sure how can you reheat the dabs after inhaling the smoke coming from them for a couple of hours. An ideal rig package also comes with manuals. The manuals can take the form of small-sized guidebooks or a YouTube video on the official website.

How can you use dab rigs in general?

Acknowledging dab rigs as the best smoking tools to get high alone is not enough. Beginner smokers often feel puzzled to use the rigs. The pipes are some of the most tricky parts that smokers need to master when using dabs or concentrate rigs. In other words, it’s not enough to read the manuals on which pipes are the ins and outs of the smoke.

Filling in the glass tubes with adequate water sources is the first step you should do in using dab rigs. Then, turn on the torches, so the water inside the tubes will start to form bubbles. When the dab nails turn red, apply essential oils to the dab nails to open up the pores.

It usually requires around 600-700 degrees Fahrenheit heat for most dab nails to turn red. However, dab rigs from quartz’s heat tolerances are lower, which fall around 450-600 degrees Fahrenheit.

We prefer neutrally-scented essential oils when we season the rigs, such as eucalyptus oil. Such seasoning steps are essential to remove the smelly aftertastes that the dabs can bring. After that, we can use other apparatus to get the concentrates.

What are some warnings on using dabs?

You have to re-do the two steps (seasoning and preparing) multiple times to get the best results. Essentially, you need to stop heating the moment you notice the nails are hot enough. Then, let the nails cool down for a couple of seconds before you season them with essential oils.

People rarely enjoy these rigs themselves due to the party-size tubes that they have. So, smoking marijuana or weeds with dab rigs is more enjoyable in group settings. Re-heating and re-doing the steps become less overbearing when we use the rigs with our friends. We can even make the heating the crucial part of party games while assigning the heating processes to each team member.

We don’t have to worry about cleaning up once we familiarize ourselves with the ways we should heat and season the dabs’ parts. Dabs provide unforgettable smoking experiences for all people, and the investments will be worth it. They are more hygienic than cannabis, yet, their tubes and other parts of the dab packages are more fun than cannabis. Some dabs come with colorful tubes and playful patterns. For instance, the glass tubes have pineapple colors and shapes instead of the usual transparent glasses. Alternatively, the bowls, dab nails, and other parts have lively colors like bright red instead of only relying upon black and white. These dabs will make your parties even more fun, lively, interactive, and enjoyable.


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