How Purple Bongs Attract Users for Their Beauty

Purple bongs are undoubtedly the best-selling heady glass ever. The beauty of the color and the intricate design is more than just gorgeous. The price is worth paying because creating bongs with lots of details can be very complex.

One of the most special things about purple bongs is that most shapes are one-of-a-kind. This is a perfect talking point for most bong sellers which are mostly online. They can sell their products worldwide as they use the internet to introduce their products.

Many countries have changed their laws that relate to the use of marijuana. It is now becoming more accessible in which more and more manufacturers are now coming out with classy purple bongs. They don’t only manufacture bongs, but also pipes and rigs.

Styles can distinguish certain artists.  Yet the intricacies that they show in their bong will never be overstated.  Several techniques to notice in bongs may include sandblasting, honeycombs, sculpting, accents, and many more. Yet, the such masterpiece is not implied on bongs or hookahs only.

Purple Bongs or Purple Dab Rigs

People consider them the same as they feature water pipes. Basically, there are differences between them, regardless of their similar materials and function. The main difference between the two is the type of substance that they are meant for.

Bongs are used to smoke dried flowers conventionally. Meanwhile, dab rigs are used to vaporize dabs or concentrates.  Dabs are available in the form of various materials like waxes, oils, and so forth.  Water pipes on bongs and rigs have slight differences in shape. But, the main differences lie in function, potency, use, and design.

Either dab rigs or bongs rely on water for cooling down the smoke or vapor.  Yet, whereas a bong relies on the dry herbs’ combustion to produce smoke, a dab rig produces vapor on a heated nail by vaporizing concentrates.

Attractive Purple Bongs with High Quality are Recommended

Manufacturing purple bongs can add customers’ interest. This is what many manufacturers are focusing on. Many glass artists turn out to be more and more popular over the internet, particularly on social media. Glass art is now becoming common in the industry of cannabis.

Users of bongs are now more than just buying them for their daily usage. They also love to have a series of purple bongs collections. They understand that such a masterpiece is very special.

Even buyers who don’t use bongs prefer to own them as their decoration.  They love the skill of the glass artists so they decide to make them as one of their collections. They might know nothing about bongs before but they love the techniques of creating artistic bongs.

Of course, it is recommended to buy high-quality ones. There are lots of glass bongs that look adorable but are very fragile.  High-quality bongs can cost more than $50. But of course, anyone who wants to buy cheaper bongs can just maintain their bongs very well.

What Kind of Purple Hookah You Can Choose

Purple hookah or bongs becomes the most favorite collection among users. Purple color is always beautiful. This is especially for room decoration. However, a purple bong will match the purple herb so it can be a user’s lifestyle.

Don’t think that purple is only good for women. The color links to luxury and royalty. Of course, it also represents tranquility.  No wonder, this color actually matches any user.

Just like other bongs, purple ones are also equipped with common tools like bubblers, water pipes, dab rigs, grinders, glass hand pipes, dab pens, and rolling trays.  But purple bongs are limited in stock. This is why they have a higher value in which they are sold faster than other kinds of bongs.

Limited Edition Bongs

Some manufacturers introduce their bongs with honeycomb percolator. This kind of bong is very rare so it is very unique and somewhat expensive. It has a portable pipe in which it still provides its main functionality like percolation.

Definitely, the design is special. It has a stable base for preventing rollovers. The honeycomb disc has tiny slots that function as diffuser slots for diffusing the smoke. It usually allows smoother smokes for users.

Best Materials for purple dab rigs or bongs

Most glass bongs with purple color are made of borosilicate glass. They are sturdy and have a big base. The lavender hue adds the charm. Beautiful bongs are not only good for daily usage, but also for showing off. Rare people leave it in their home for display as they want to show it off to their friends.

Either dab rigs or bong is made of glass though it is a different material than any glassware. Borosilicate becomes the main material in which there is nothing that can compare to this material. so far, this material has proven to be very durable for years.

However, some users choose silicone purple bongs or dab rigs. They are cheaper and the quality is still good though. However, collectors prefer glass purple bongs for the best features that they offer.

Which One Do You Want to Choose, Purple Bongs or Purple Dab Rigs?

Some people choose either a bong or dab rig, though others may buy them both for their main collection. Bongs are larger than dab rigs as it has a bowl as their main component. Bongs have more variety in designs so they are more favored among users.

All in all, bongs are very simple to use. Even beginners can learn to use it fast. It is not surprising that bongs with unique designs are the most wanted ones among users. This is the main reason why purple bongs are always sold out fast as they are mostly unique and have limited editions. When it comes to price, bongs are more expensive. Not only because of the bigger size, but also the more variety of features available.  Especially for purple bongs, users find them very unique and lovable. They don’t mind spending much to buy the product as long as they are feeling proud and satisfied.


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