Understanding the Difference between Waterfall Gravity Bongs and Gravity Bongs

Using the best bong is necessary for a smoker in order to experience a delightful result. In that case, two choices are worth to consider and both bongs are relatively popular. They are gravity bongs and their variation called waterfall gravity bongs.

What is a gravity bong?

A gravity infuser or bong is a weed-consuming technique that pushes smoke into the user’s lungs by sending the smoke via water using two empty plastic bottles. Grav bong, a geeb, or gravity pipe are other names for this type of bong.

A container with just a bowl of weed on top is submerged in a bigger bottle or container of water to create gravity bongs. Draw the container carefully out of the water as you fire the cannabis to allow the smoke first from burning plant to fill it. In order to allow gravity to carry the weed smoke toward the lungs, unscrew the lid, place your lips over the bottle’s top, and press the bottle down.

What is Waterfall gravity bong?

Another way to smoke is via a waterfall bong, often known as a reverse bucket bong. It is made out of a big plastic bottle, about 2 liters, a rubber or bung stopper, an aerator screen, and a brass cut nozzle that serves as a bowl and prevents weed or any other herbs from penetrating the container. The rubber stopper is removed and the content of the pot is ignited after the bottle has been filled with water to the neck, causing water to drain and smoke to be pulled into the bottle. The lid is then screwed on. After the water is entirely drained out, the cap is taken off, enabling the user to breathe in the smoke.

Regular vs. Waterfall Bong

Waterfall gravity bongs may help you get high quickly and is a lot of fun to use. Nevertheless, who wins when such bongs are put up against conventional ones? We are of the opinion that a standard bong is much better than the look like a waterfall since the water in the former enhances the smoke’s quality while the latter does not. The smoke is pulled into a typical bong that will pass the water. Percolators and diffusers are often found in bongs, and their only purpose is to improve the water’s ability to chill and filter smoke.

We believe you shouldn’t really refer to a waterfall bong as a true bong since the water in one doesn’t really chill or filter the smoke. Although it functions similarly, it is not the same.

Gravity vs. Waterfall Bong

There is a noticeable difference between a waterfall and a gravity bong, despite the little contrast. In essence, a waterfall bong functions similarly to a gravity bong in that smoke is drawn into the bong by varying air pressure. The manner which the air pressure has changed makes a significant effect.

By raising the bong over the water, a vacuum is produced as a gravity bong is drawn up out of the liquid. An air pressure change caused by the water flowing out of a waterfall bong’s opening causes smoke to be drawn into the smoke compartment.

The smoke is pulled inside the container as the water recedes. When all of the water has been depleted, open the top cap, cover the opening with a finger or piece of tape, and take a deep breath.

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Waterfall Bong Tips

Here are some pointers for using your waterfall gravity bongs to their full potential.

  • Use sufficient herbs and water to produce a very dense smoke.
  • To maintain adequate smoke progression, use a decent lighter with a powerful flame.
  • Do you want to improve upon it? To produce more smoke, use a water jug instead of a bottle.
  • To avoid breathing in harmful fumes from burning the bottle cap, use a glass pipe bowl.
  • To avoid inhaling unburned butane and resulting in a blowing up waterfall bong, use a jet fire lighter.

Is it better to make or buy the bong?

You shouldn’t begin with such gravity bongs if you’re newbie to weed or have a poor tolerance. Making a gravity bong, however, is a simple, enjoyable DIY project for intermediate to experienced users that guarantees a quick and effective delivery of your preferred strain.

When you want a distinctive and strong smoke session, pull out one of gravity bongs from your hardware collection. It provides a unique experience that you should try.

Is it okay to use water bottles? Polyethylene terephthalate, which might be release compounds when heated, is a component of many DIY bongs or smoking devices. This is similar to how water from a bottle left in a hot vehicle might taste strange. When you add heat to a gravity bong, you risk drawing harmful toxins into your lungs.

What kind of effects this kind of exposure could do on your health is currently being studied. Many cannabis users choose to avoid plastic smoking tools out of caution and instead use glassware or silicone ones. Be aware of the dangers and exercise care if you decide to create DIY gravity pipes and some other smoking accessories out of plastic materials.

Be aware of the dangers and proceed with care if you decide to create a homemade bong or any other smoking tools out of plastic.

Are gravity bongs more potent than other smoking techniques?

In contrast to the typical hit from a pipe or joint, gravity bongs pump extremely concentrated gas into the lungs, stuffing them to capacity. You are literally taking in the fumes from a whole bowl of marijuana when you breathe the substance of the smoked container into the lungs. Gravity bongs are thus definitely not for the weak of heart. Old-school pot smokers have a tried-and-true technique of consumption: gravity bongs. Gravity doobie beware; they give a strong THC dose that can be excessive for a novice user.

But if you want to extend your supply, relive your youth, or just feel like getting inventive with your cannabis usage, here’s a helpful tutorial for making homemade waterfall gravity bongs out of a few common home items.

Conclusion Enjoyment is the main goal of cannabis use. Unless you want to, there’s no reason to make consuming weed more difficult than it already is. Because of this, we advise sampling all the many bong varieties such as waterfall gravity bongs and gravity bongs we’ve covered above. You’ll like it and discover the bong that perfectly suits your requirements.


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